Frequently Asked Questions

How are barefoot shoes different?

Barefoot shoes differ from traditional shoes in several key ways:

  • Toe Space: They typically have a wider toe box, allowing your toes to spread and grip the ground, much like they would if you were actually barefoot.
  • Sole: The soles of barefoot shoes are thin and flexible, allowing the foot to bend and move naturally. This offers better sensory feedback from the ground.
  • Arch Support: Unlike many modern shoes that have significant arch support, barefoot shoes allow your feet to support themselves, strengthening foot muscles over time.
  • Heel Drop: Barefoot shoes usually have a zero or minimal heel drop (the difference in height between the heel and the ball of the foot), promoting a more natural foot posture and stride.
  • Materials: They often use breathable, lightweight materials that conform to the foot's shape, giving a "second skin" feel.

Do I wear socks with these ?

With our barefoot shoes, you'll notice the design includes a single wide toe box, ensuring your feet have ample room to move naturally without the constraint of individual toe compartments. Whether or not to pair them with socks truly comes down to personal preference. Some individuals lean towards going sockless to truly embrace the authentic barefoot sensation, appreciating the direct contact and natural feel against the shoe's interior. On the other hand, some opt for socks to benefit from added moisture management, reduced friction, or simply for an extra layer of comfort. Whichever way you lean, our shoes are crafted to support your choice, ensuring your feet experience the freedom they deserve.

How do I pick the perfect size ?

We recommend going with the size you most commonnly wear. If you are between sizes or usually wear a half size, we would recommend sizing down.

What materials are they made of?

Our materials are all natural
Outer material: synthetic material
Lining material: textile
Sole: rubber

What if they don't fit ?

We understand that you may be concerned about choosing the right size when purchasing shoes online. That's why we offer free easy size swaps! If your shoes don't fit, we will arrange a courier to collect them and send your new size.

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